A Tale of Three Kitties

A Tale of Three Kitties

Chapter One

Baligirl, a lovely white russian kittycat, sang for catnip at Club Noir. Baligirl knew that she was divine and got any man she went for.

A tale of 3 kitties: Baligirl sings

Baligirl fell for Bentlee, the black russian, and for a time they were a twosome. On Baligirl’s nights off, she’d ring him up and they’d wander the town. She was lovely and Bentlee was puffed that she had singled out a wild alleycat like him. They had fun together and that was enough for Bentlee. He had no thoughts for the future and ignored the rumors that once Baligirl got her claws into a cat, she never let go.

One night, Maine showed up at the nightclub with her sisters. She had returned to town. Once upon a time she used to be the girl next door when Bentlee was just a wee kitten. For old time’s sake, since Baligirl was singing, Bentlee asked Maine to dance.

Tale of Three Kitties : Maine and Bentlee dancing for old times sake

The two laughed over memories of gamboling in the grass, climbing trees and getting into kitty mischief together. Maine didn’t say so but the way her eyes fair blushed with love for Bentlee, curled his toes. Purring, Bentlee fell for Maine in the space of one dance.

Bentlee knew Maine was the cat for him. They could raise kittens together, be a family. He was delirious with joy with the future he planned for them. That night he planned to ask her to marry him, and hid a diamond collar in a picnic basket. He called Maine to meet him for a picnic under the midnight sky.

At the picnic site, Bentlee set down the basket for Maine. He strutted back to the street for a quick look to see if Maine was coming yet when Baligirl confronted him with a gun. Bentlee looked Baligirl in the eyes and saw trouble. Her irises narrowed with anger, snakelike slits glared at him.  If she couldn’t have him, no one could.

A cat had to think and act quickly if they had any chance to beat a speeding bullet and a furious jazz singer.

Tale of Three Kitties : Baligirl confronts Bentlee with a gun

Chapter Two

When Maine arrived at the picnic spot soon after, no one was there. She noticed the basket waiting for her. “Surely”, she thought, “Bentlee will be back soon.” She waited though it started raining. She knew he would not stand her up.

Tale of Three Kitties : Maine waits for Bentlee

After a couple hours, Maine gave up. Feeling troubled, she knew something must have happened to Bentlee.

Maine took the picnic home and discovered the engagement diamond collar when she unpacked the basket. She nudged the collar with her nose, smelling his scent. Where could he be? When would he be back?

For a time, Maine would often be found under the picnic tree at midnight.

Tale of the Three Kitties : Maine keeps waiting

Chapter Three

Winter Phoenix reported, “I heard he’s been in hiding out in some faraway town …”

A black Russian in Paris by Winter Phoenix


This story was told originally by me (Kayla Woodrunner) and Winter Phoenix on a Kittycats thread: Film Noir kitties started on May 24, 2014. In some ways, it is how Winter and I met. I did make a few changes for this post.

Gifs above were created by Kayla Woodrunner using Gyazo.com. The final pic was created by Winter Phoenix. Chapter 1 & 2 by Kayla Woodrunner. Chapter 3 by Winter Phoenix. The cats are Kittycats breedables that both Winter and I breed.

Location for Chapters 1 & 2 : Club Noir

I’ll have to ask Winter where the Paris sim is.


Hope you enjoyed the story.


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