hanging out with Jhan

January 20, 2015

Jhan and I at her new cattery in Second Life

Well, when I started SL on January 24, 2009, it was part of a master’s level class in library science so I interacted with people as part of a classroom.  After the class ended, I did hunts, created a museum, made stuff, started breedables, changed the museum to an animal preserve — but I rarely interacted with people. On hunts, you go to a bunch of stores, follow hints and find stuff for free. The store owners hope that the hunters will look around and buy stuff or at least post images of what they found on blogs or flickr to bring buying customers in. Occasionally on hunts people would ask me if I had found something yet or vice versa but they were always one-time conversations. I did have a guy hit on me virtually once — surprised me so much, I left the place right away and then logged off.  I enjoyed SL on my own for years playing it as if it was solitary game, like most computer games that I’d buy except it was free (unless I bought money inworld to buy stuff).

Then I put a Kittycats cat breedable up for auction on January 1, 2015.  It was my first auction to sell a cat. Jhanelle Bonde bought that kitty. I think it was the first auction she had ever attended too. I didn’t realize it at the time but she became a seismic shift in how I would experience Second Life.  I’d never been social in Second Life once my class ended but Jhan is a very social person. She pulled me out of my shell.

This is Petite RoxySable that I put up for auction on New Year’s Day.  After Jhanelle bought her, she renamed her Jeanne.  For kittycats folks, here are Jeanne’s stats

♀ Jeanne
҈   248
Fur: Abyssinian – Black Silver
Eyes: Ice Crystal (Mysterious|Small)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Curious
Ears: Mysterious Odyssey Fold
Whiskers: White (Mysterious)
Size: Petite

After Jhan bought Jeanne, as a newbie breeder, Jhan would IM me questions about breeding. It wasn’t too long before we started hanging out together and became friends. Jhan is pretty smart and outgoing and it wasn’t long before she became known as a top breeder. She had a husband and children in Second Life and a bunch of friends and was very used to interacting with people.

She was my first real friend in SL.  I never really talked with anyone before then and it really changes the SL experience once you start socializing into something more real instead of just a game. I never did the voice thing but I’m a fast typer so we would chat in type.  We’d talk about SL, breeding cats and eventually our RL lives.

I will always always appreciate Jhanelle becoming my bestie and teaching me how to be friends in SL.  It just opened up a whole new world.  Also after I quit my job because my mom’s cancer meds were affecting her so she needed someone around, SL allowed me to have a social life even though I have to stay home all the time.  Really totally saved my sanity.

The funny thing about playing alone for 6 years and then making one new friend is that after that suddenly I started making other friends. It changed everything.

Jhan and I in her new cattery

Jhanelle is on the right.  She invited me to her cattery when she first built it.

Note: Although I’ve made some editorial changes, the bulk of this was originally posted on September 6, 2015 on Hold on a Second. I am slowly moving my older blog posts over because recently Google closed Google Plus so I thought I better back up that old BlogSpot blog just in case.


  1. I can totally relate to this! I only started being social about a year ago… I basically spent my first 8 years wandering around SL, exploring, or working on my various homes, or collecting art/going to galleries… for my first few years, I was so shy, if another avi talked to me, I’d tp home! If I was in my gallery, and a visitor appeared, I’d log off! Most of the times I got spoken to, back then, was creeps hitting on me, anyway… but some of them, when I look back, were just people being nice, and I ran away, which is a shame.
    I’d come to SL via a book called ‘Second Lives’, which painted a picture that interested me enough to come and see, but also made SL out to be a fairly predatory jungle of scammers and griefers… I was genuinely wary of being, somehow, trapped/damaged by bad people. In fact, I have had very few bad encounters in my 9 years.
    I have absolutely no regrets about becoming social (:

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    • Thank you for sharing your story of becoming social. It’s nice to know both that I’m not the only one who took so long to talk to people and also once becoming social, had no regrets because there are a lot of nice SL people out there. I am happy that you have enjoyed becoming social too — isn’t it sooo cool?!! I haven’t heard of that book “Second Lives” but I’m going to see if my library can borrow it for me. I’m curious about the book now.


      • The human read ‘Second Lives’ over ten years ago… just tried to find it, but seems to no-longer have it… also, tried online to find who wrote it, and got several thrillers by different people called ‘Second Lives’, but, sadly, not the book we remember. Hope you have more luck (:

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      • Looks like it could have been, reading it’s reviews… the book piqued my humans interest enough for the human to eventually join SL, and give me life… but, even though the human only read it once, from memory, and with the benefit of 9 years of SL life, the book was not that good, and would most definitely be dated, now… but it would still be very interesting… the human was surprised to discover the book was no longer in it’s collection, as it had intended to read it again, some time, specifically to gauge it’s datedness. The book WAS interesting to someone who had no idea about virtual worlds… especially the concept of their having a real economy, something many people are still unaware of… my human works with about 30 people, and not a single one of them knows, or would even be interested in knowing about, SL. I think that IS the book, as the reviews mentioned the author having written a previous book about communes, and that aspect sounds familiar.

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      • I think some things may become dated like mesh versus prims. But I think the people part, how we can interact with each other, that doesn’t really change so much over time even though ourselves may get a more updated look. I have had that experience too with humans who have never tried SL being totally uninterested in it or thinking that it is weird. I’ll try to see if the library can find the book for me as I am interested in looking at it. The title sounds familiar to me now that I think of it. I bought a couple books on SL a long time ago, I’ll search my shelves to see if I have this one.

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