The Woodrunner Effect 2

I am starting to chronicle the music videos Winter Phoenix is making.  This one in April asays Woodrunner Effect 2, that means there was a one. That first one is already gone so maybe we actually started in March? Well this one was uploaded on April 6, 2019.  He did that one in Bandicam but later switched to another capture and editor. Enjoy.

Video by Winter Phoenix aka Robert Phoenix on YouTube, uploaded April 6, 2019

Winter Phoenix as the Cyber Dolphin (Gib’s Space Dolphin V1.2 by Brightstag inc)

Spaceship : Quenker Class Freighter by Nzati Kytori

What does this photo have to do with Winter’s video? Uh, nothing except it’s on the same spaceship. We might have put the cat ufo away. It’s pretty cool actually.  Photographed January 12, 2017

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