Dark Places

Starting May, Winter and I started making music videos.  He started putting together original music and eventually has added lyrics. I think what he is doing is awesome.  So I’ve decided to chronicle it happening.  These are the videos he is sharing with me. For the most part they are unlisted on YouTube.

We started with dark places when we discovered Background City.  A sim full of photo scenes which allows members to rez things to fully finish their photo.  Awesome place.

And I present to you dark places demo2019

Video by Winter Phoenix, on youtube as Robert Phoenix, uploaded May 15, 2019

As Winter Phoenix’s videos are unlisted, you’ll have to click on the video to get to it and are unlikely to find them on search engines.  What it also means is that sometimes when he makes an improved video, the older original may disappear.  So if you come here and there is no video, it’s because it’s replaced by a later copy.  Eventually when he likes it enough, it’ll be publicly listed on his Robert Phoenix channel.


I hope you enjoy these.


Photo by Kayla Woodrunner

featuring avatar Kayla Woodrunner
location: Background City
lighting: lumipro
Kayla’s dance animation is in the pole, Winter Phoenix provided the pole, the rest of the set is as is at Background City
Winter’s dance animation is the free chicken dance, the set is as is at Background City



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