Kayla the bopper

Here’s another short one (46 seconds) Winter did mixing a few shots with a song by someone else. This time with a bit of “Come a Little Closer” by Cage The Elephant

Video by Winter Phoenix aka Robert Phoenix on YouTube, uploaded Jun 27, 2019

We are once again hanging out in our spaceship.  The animation I’m using is actually a driving one for a car.  And I have to check but I’m sure that smoking animation is in Winter’s AO.  He wears it most of the time.

Location : Spaceship on Malacosoma (feel free to visit if you want)


Animation: Driving 2 by Shutter Animations

Spaceship : Quenker Class Freighter by Nzati Kytori

My stuff:

hair: Summer Hairplay – Alize – Pack 3 (Arcade gacha) by Tableau Vivant
Starry Night \ Sparkles (Arcade gacha) by Tableau Vivant
Lorelei Bento Mermaid tail by Cynefin
Antisocial crop top by Gossip


Here Winter  is still smoking at the mystical fae forest even during a storm!


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