burnt cookies, out of garlic but at least I remembered the wine

First time I’m making HIM dinner.  Burnt cookies! Out of garlic but at least I remembered the wine. Maybe it would help if I uncorked a few bottles.

Forcella Retro Fridge and Oven from The Wondrous Project
It’s pretty cool that it’s empty so you can fill it up with whatever you want even dinner guests like at Wondrous Project’s pic, I also think their pic is perfect for Halloween.

I am blogging for The Wondrous Project. It’s my first blogging gig. I love that they make poses.

On this photoshoot

Location: Nykus
I just set the kitchen up for the photoshoot so it’ll probably only be up for a couple days. You’re free to use it the set up if you want.

Forcello Retro Fridge, Oven, empty Stewpot, saucepan, wooden spoon by The Wondrous Project.
(cookie sheet) Messy Bakes – ya burnt by Second Spaces
Bowl of oranges by Maven homes
home – milk jug by erratic
Serving Bowl of Salad by Tazzy Jenkins
Green Grocers – #39 Tomato Crate by 8f8
Le Petit Chef – Condiment Bottles by Pixel Mode
BBQ Sauce by Mesh India
Iron&Wood – 10) Bottles by *YS&YS*

Olesia by Serendipity

Peggy Skirt 1 Blue by Meva
Peggy Top Blue by Meva
Betty apron – maitreya lara by !gO!
Bouvardia heels – Maitreya by EMPIRE

Siri hair – Browns03 by Truth
Alice head V4.10 by Catwa
Body, Bento Hands, Feet by Maitreya

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