At twilight, anything can happen

Cutting through the forest, she walks swiftly past the pond. Suddenly a splashing sound arrests her. She twirls to see a sword, then an arm pushing straight up. Quickly, she kneels reaching out. The arm points the sword at her, then snaps it straight up again. She extends her arm further almost touching the sword. Suddenly the arm flips back and throws the sword deep into the forest.  Out of sight, the sword comes down hard landing solidly into a rock. It’s late though.  Too late to search in the dark forest for a mysterious weapon.  She marks the direction she thinks it went in. She strides home planning to wake up with the sun to hunt for an enchanted sword.

Location : Enchantment

Watery Tart Pond by *HEXtraordinary*
RUINS Arch 02 Summer 512 by :Fanatik Architecture:
Heart Giant Forest Oak 1 by Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre
Heart – WW – Alder Tree – Mature4 by Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre

Kitty Galore* You Only Live 9 Lives pose by Le Poppycock

Avi Pants BLACK by *Sweet Kajira*
Avi Shirt YELOW by *Sweet Kajira*
Battleworn boots dragon (Maitreya) by lassitude & ennui

Hair: Natural Tones (size) Backward by -FABIA-
Eyes: Duochrome / Ocean / by .ID.
Head: Alice V4.10 by Catwa
Body: Lara V4.1 Body, Bento Hands, and Feet by Maitreya

I made some photoshopped changes: added in some stars from NASA, added dirty fabric texture to the shirt, and added a splash effect
This is my before picture

I took a few other pics at Enchantment too but decided to go with this one
These are two others I took

Note: I originally posted this on Flickr on September 5, 2015

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