A melt of snowmen

Most people know a group of crows is called a murder of crows but did you know a group of snowmen is called a melt? I love that.


Lighting? I crashed and you know how your screen does the faded mute thing when Firestorm tells you to log out?  I took a picture of that because I liked the grey colors.  It looked fairly wintry to me.


Location : W+W Ranch, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malacosoma/33/105/83

Natural Snowfall System Rezzer (32m area) by Tai’Dyed Products
snow ground by winter phoenix
[Snow Friend gacha] Upside down  by Sway’s
[snowman gacha] snack time RARE by brocante
[Snow Friend gacha] All my flakes  by Sway’s
[Snowman Gacha] Dancer by Anachron
[Snowman Gacha] Spike by Anachron
[snowman gacha] sadface by brocante
Flakey the Snowman by {what next}
[snowman gacha] sledding mishap by brocante
[snowman gacha] shot through the heart by brocante
[Snowman Gacha]  Frosty by Anachron
[Snow Friend gacha] Present by Sway’s
[Snow Friend gacha] I’m melting by Sway’s
Log Cabin by Dorian
16 Sculpted OakTrees In-Line Set161(15×32)2 by T&K Designs
Falling for you plants by .:Bee designs::.
Winter Trees by Lustre Designs

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